Liebe Gäste, wie finden Sie uns?
Dear guests, how do you find us? Use the hotel guidance system of the city of Torgau for your journey or enter Kurstraße 6 into your navigation device, which is the destination address of our gate entrance. You will then be taken directly to our hotel's parking lot in the courtyard. The entrance, Bäckerstraße 12, is a pedestrian zone and can only be reached on foot or by bike.

Hotel Pension Torgau

Entrance Bäckerstr. 12

Cyclists and pedestrians

Hotel Pension Torgau Einfahrt

Entry Kurstr. 6

Cars, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians

Hotel Pension Torgau Innenhof

Reception in the courtyard

Reception in the courtyard at Kurstraße 6

Hotel-Pension zum Markt

Hotel-Pension zum Markt - Inh. K. Wegener - Bäckerstraße 12 - 04860 Torgau - Tel. (03421)711379 - Fax: 712528